The South Bay Union School District Independent Study Program makes its home on the South Bay School campus. Students will have the opportunity to participate in a traditional home-based independent student program or have access and opportunity to participate in a blended learning program including small group instruction, clubs, field trips, an after-school tutoring and enrichment program, and school organized sports (golf, coed soccer, girls' and boys' basketball, and coed track and field). 

Independent Study Program Announcement

Independent Study Program Brochure


Education & Social Benefits:

  • One-on-one instruction

  • Support from highly qualified teachers

  • Personalized education

  • Opportunities to learn individually or in the many group settings offered, such as Math & Music clubs, and AfterSchool

  • Access and opportunity to participate in school-sponsored sports, dances, after school tutoring and enrichments

  • Access to cultural experiences such as Humboldt State University's Center Arts Performances

    Is Independent Study Right for Me?

  • Can you provide your child with 5 hours or more supervised instruction daily? (3 hours for Kindergarten?)

  • Do you have a cooperative working relationship with your child?

  • Do you have the enthusiasm for learning?

  • Do you feel confident that with support from our teachers, you can teach all the subject areas in the state curriculum?

  • Will you be accountable to see that your child completes and returns weekly assignments?

  • Are you willing to meet with the teaching supervisor every week?

  • Are you able to provide an appropriate learning environment for your child?

  • Would your child benefit from being taught at home?

  • Does your child want to be taught at home?

  • Do you want to teach your child at home?

If you answer YES to these questions, then South Bay Charter's Independent Study Program may be the best option for you and your child. For more information please contact us.

Steps to Enroll:

  1. Call/Contact I. S. Coordinator Janean Weekly-Embree (707) 443-4828.

  2. Phone Interview with Janean Weekly-Embree, Lead Teacher.

  3. Upon completion of the phone interview, you can make an appointment for orientation where you will receive an enrollment packet and one of the instructors will explain the benefits of South Bay Charter's Independent Study Program and help to get you and your child started.

  4. After orientation and the return of the enrollment packet your child's teacher will call to schedule your first appointment and to answer any additional questions you may have about the program.

Students & Families Being Served:

  • Students in grades K-8 who are in a geographic area served by the program

  • Students who need a more flexible school schedule

  • Students who need to learn at their own pace

  • Families who would like to be more involved in their child's education

  • Students living a great distance from schools or bus stops where travel is lengthy