Nestled on the western shore of Humboldt County, amid the towering redwood trees of northern California is South Bay School with a population of 190 students in grades 4-6. South Bay School is one of three schools in the South Bay Union School District. Both school campuses are located south of Eureka with a population of 28,000 , and 280 miles north of San Francisco. South Bay School students live in neighborhoods that range from economically disadvantaged to upper-middle-class single-family dwellings. The neighborhoods are spread out through the district of 49 square miles. South Bay School population boasts a strong spirit and hard work ethic. The staff strives to be exemplary role models of nurturing, caring individuals. We offer extended educational opportunities until 6:00 p. m. each day through our EXPLORE after school program. This allows about 50% of our students to receive help with their homework, recreational and educational activities that better prepare them to meet the demands of the State Academic Content Standards.


Prepare today's students to succeed in tomorrow's world by doing the following:
• Provide a safe and nurturing school environment
• Instill the basic skills necessary to prepare students for secondary education
• Instill in students a sense of global awareness and civic responsibility
• Instill in students problem-solving skills in a technological world
• Instill in students a desire to become lifelong learners


Engage. Educate. Enhance.