Workers' Compensation

    Workers' Compensation insurance helps protect businesses and employees from financial loss when an employee is hurt on the job or gets sick from a work-related cause.

    All work-place related injuries must be reported to your site administrator as soon as possible. 

    Workers' Compensation Process

    If you are injured on the job, or experience a work-related illness:

    1. Employee notifies their Site Administrator and completes an Incident Report form. Employee completes the top half of the form and Administrator completes the bottom half. Administrator submits the form to Personnel.
    2. Employee calls Company Nurse at 877-518-6702 to report the incident as soon as possible. Use search code NCG28.
    3. The injury care coordinator at Company Nurse takes an injury report and an RN offers triage.
    4. Employee receives advice regarding self-care and/or referral for treatment.
    5. Employee provides copies of medical notes to Personnel, if applicable.

Additional Information

Refer to this Memo or this Workflow for additional information.