This notice is an update to COVID protocols for South Bay Union School District.  Beginning March 14th, masking at school will still be strongly recommended, but no longer required, in all school settings, under most conditions (please see below).  This change in masking policy will also result in changes related to our quarantine procedures. Please continue to contact the school if your child is exposed outside of the school setting or tests positive.

If there is a positive case of COVID 19 in your student’s classroom, you will receive a text/autodialer message informing you and asking that you and your student monitor for symptoms. If your student does demonstrate symptoms please keep your student home and arrange for a COVID test. 

If your student tests positive for COVID, stay home for at least 5 days.  Isolation can end after day 5 and your student  may return to school on day 6 if

1) Symptoms are not present or are resolving; and 

2) A COVID test collected on day 5 or later is negative. 

If unable to test, choosing not to test, or testing positive on day 5, isolation can end after day 10 and students can return on day 11.

If fever is present, isolation should be continued until fever resolves for at least 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medications. 

Wear a well-fitting mask around others for a total of 10 days, especially in indoor settings

If your student was exposed to a positive case of COVID at home:

Vaccinated* student: Does not need to quarantine; test on day 5. MUST wear a well-fitting mask around others for 10 days. If testing positive, follow isolation recommendations. If symptoms develop, test and stay home. 

Unvaccinated student: Exposed student should quarantine for 10 days after last exposure. If negative, test on day 5 or later, student may return to school on day 6.